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BMC is in the market to buy and sell used machinery and equipment.

Your surplus equipment can be turned into cash with ease. BMC is always looking for opportunities to buy single machines or an entire facility of surplus equipment. BMC has been buying and selling used surplus for well over 20 plus years and with our large network of resources and services utilized on a daily basis, BMC would be pleased to buy your surplus for our own inventory or sell your surplus directly to end-users to maximize your return on your surplus.

BMC would appreciate the opportunity to provide:

Direct Buy Of Your Surplus For Our Inventory.
Online & On-Site Auction Services.
Exclusive Timed Sales Agreements.
The Services of Brokered Sales.
Used Surplus Listing Sales.

Please take a moment to fill out the form below and notify BMC of what you are looking to sell or buy. A BMC rep will contact you to further discuss what options are available to maximize your return on your surplus or provide you a quote for the machine or machines you are currently looking to buy. Please donít forget to include us on your surplus buyers list. As always we are here to answer your questions by calling us at 888.926.0050

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